Has anyone gone from a Sony to Canon?

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Re: Has anyone gone from a Sony to Canon?

I made the switch from an A700 to a 5D MIII in June 2013. As I have stated in previous threads, it is an unfair comparison due to the price differential, crop vs. full frame, and newer technology. Having said that, no regrets. I never liked the Sony in body image stabilization. It did very little for me. At wide angle settings (24 mm full frame equivalent)  it would not render images sharp at 1/30th or 1/15th of a second. I am not a steady shooter and I know it. In contrast, using a 70-300 mm Tamron with VC I can get sharp pictures at 1/30th and sometimes at 1/15th at 300mm! My 24-105L behaves in a similar fashion. Auto-focus is MUCH faster and it does not hunt. Many times my Sony gear would hunt and make me loose a shot. Sony made the move to an EVF and I did not want that. I now have the option of using an optical viewfinder or an electronic one known as live view. The Sony gear does not offer that. Then there is price point. I feel that Sony is overpriced. This is coming from someone who spend some serious (at least to me) bucks on my Canon kit. Sony is not Canon or Nikon, they change directions in camera lines VERY rapidly, make less expensive to manufacture  cameras (EVF and use their own chips), yet they are no where near the lower price point that should allow. Finally, I wanted to be able to shoot at higher ISO's and Sony has been consistently rated lower than Canikon in test after test model after model. Had Sony simply had given me the choice to move to an updated A700 with an optical viewfinder, killer auto-focus, and excellent high ISO, I would have never left. Finally, getting third party anything is more difficult for a Sony version. Flash accessories needed (A700 era) adapters, older Sigma lenses lost compatibly with newer Sony bodies (yes, a fault of Sigma, but something to deal with), and Sony compatible versions of lenses were the last to be released if they were even released in that mount. None of those problems, to my knowledge, perhaps with rare exception, exist for Canon equipment. I did spend a LOT more for the Canon equipment I purchased but felt I got my money's worth. With Sony I felt that I was paying for overpriced gear that didn't measure up to the competition. I also questioned the direction that Sony was taking at the time with EVF's, new models/types far too often, and not giving me what I wanted. I am only sharing why I made the switch. I am not trying to convince anyone to do the same. That is an individual decision based upon many factors.


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