Canon SX40 versus Canon SX50

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Re: Canon SX40 versus Canon SX50

Dale Buhanan wrote:

Joe186 wrote:

I thought the 40 had real ā€œLā€ glass and the 50 doesn't.

Not so. Neither have ever had "L" glass. The native lens on the 50 is a little better than the native lens on the 40. For example the lens on the 40 is identical to the lens on the 30, which had substantial CA at the wide end. In the 40 Canon used software to correct the cA and WA shots from the 40 were more CA free than those of the 30. But the 50 lens is not only longer, but better corrected and has almost no Ca naturally and is pin sharp edge to edge. I have all three cameras. The 50 focuses significantly faster and zooms faster than the others.

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Thanks to ALL of you for your comments. Dale, since you own the 30, 40 and 50, you may have some great insight for me.  I currently own an SX30. I am considering upgrading to a used sx40 or sx50. My primary and most critical use is as a Realtor, shooting at the wide end of the zoom, taking interior and exterior views of homes. I am an experienced photographer and sometimes use off-camera slave flashes to balance lighting inside versus what is seen outside through windows. However, I always prefer to make use of whatever ambient light is available. I like the idea of the better sensor in the 40/50 over the 30. And I understand that the sx50 also has HDR, which the 40 does not. Using a tripood is fine for me. Will the HDR simulate the effect of having a greater latitude range, capturing better highlights and better shadow detail in the combined shot?  I'd like to keep the ISO down to avoid noise and unfaithful color rendition of walls, carpet, etc. Probably 75% of my work is at 24mm, and I seldom go beyond 200 mm.  I make heavy use of the flip-out screen, so the SX series works well versus some competitors with fixed screens. I like the manual and color balancing capabilities of the SX series for those non-flash situations.  I sometimes take a quick video walk-through of the home, and I think the sx50 has a superior stabilization system, is that correct?  My question is what will be best in low light situations: the 40 with its larger aperture or the 50 with its HDR (on a tripod) and better video stabilization.

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