XT-1 - not as impressed as everybody else.

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Re: XT-1 - not as impressed as everybody else.

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The second thing I have noticed is the continuous autofocus never seems to lock or settle on something. If you point it at a stationary object, the focus will constantly shuffle back and forth between front focusing and rear focusing on the object. My Nikons will get into focus and then stop until the camera or object moves. It's not the end of the world, but it does make the continuous autofocus hard for me to use.

... This is exactly the behaviour with the X-E2 on Continuous Autofocus. You've summed up probably the one thing I don't like about the X-E2 hence Continuous Autofocus is one mode I avoid. I was really hopeful when the latest firmware was released and after having installed it, I actually think the shuffling is a lot better but it is still not really useable as it keeps searching even after a subject has settled.



I noticed this on X-T1 too. I then went and tried it with X-E2 (latest firmware) and it is same. It is very disconcerting having used back button AF on Nikons. However, when I took a shot they were sharp. So I guess when you press the shutter it very quickly goes to the last in focus point. But with Phase detect it should know the focus point without moving focus distance back/forth.

I think the Phase detect is just being used to tell the camera/lens which direction to focus. The CDAF is still being used to "finish" the focus. So it's doing the jittering because the CDAF is continually checking to see whether it has the best focus.

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