E-M1 just back from repair - hmmm

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EM5 service saga

I sent an EM5 in for sensor cleaning - it being initially difficult to establish conclusively whether this could be done by the dealership (they thought so until I told them that Olympus stated that it wasn't authorised.) When it came back from the Portuguese service centre it almost immediately blew up completely. After many emails, phone calls etc I sent it off again.

Two weeks later, as advertised, it came back. Initially (ie after a quick test at home) it seemed fine. 20 or so exposures later it began locking up and exhibiting alarming flashes in the VF. Taking a close look at the shots back at home, I saw that there was serious sensor damage - dead pixels, high noise level etc.

More phone calls, emails etc ensued. Nothing for it but to send the damned thing back yet again. Every time a courier was involved I lost up to half a productive day, or more. Whilst it was gone I managed to work my way up the management chain and eventually got someone to authorise a  replacement. My argument was that, having originally sent in a perfectly serviceable camera (albeit one with an Olympus' employee's fingerprint on the sensor!) I was not prepared to accept their assurances.

Finally, kudos to Olympus as they complied with this request and included a new and extended warranty. But it took a while and eat a lot of my time. I almost got used to lugging round a Nikon FX lump again.

Before someone asks: it wasn't my fingerprint.


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