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Not really a fair comparison

Andrewteee wrote:

Just one theory (taken at random)...

Take a look at the Leica forum - most posts include pictures.

Take a look at the Nikon FX forum - most posts do not include pictures.

Yes, this is an equipment forum, but...

First, this forum has five times as many threads as the Leica forum, and nearly six times as many posts. It is a vastly bigger and more active forum. Second, and related to the first, this forum caters not only to a much larger but also a significantly more diverse audience then the Leica forum. The Leica forum is, if anything an anomaly among the Dpreview forums in that it is a lot less of a gear forum then most other. Its more of a meeting place for kindred spirits and rarely hosts much discussions at all.

This forum on the other hand is a fairly typical Dpreview forum, and has actually - over time - been remarkably similar to most other forums here.

People with Leica cameras (or even other cameras) take pictures and like to post and discuss them.

People with Nikon FX cameras are either A) always out taking pictures and do not have time to post and discuss them or B) they like to talk about equipment and do not take pictures (and therefore do not post or discuss them). For whatever reason.

This forum, as is most other high volume forums here at Dpreview (the Canon and other Nikon forums, the M43, the Nex/Alpha forums etc), is very gear-oriented, and only to a small degree picture oriented.

Given the temperament that you outline I'd guess B) is happening around here. People who take pictures are generally very happy and fulfilled. People who do not are cranky and argumentative. Trolling, however, is simply a behavior (or even a sport) all its own outside of any specific genre.

Trolls move around a lot and pounce in any forum where the mood is receptive

Therefore, the solution to this forum atmosphere is for people to go take more pictures Whether or not they post them here.

Overall, the solution - if any really is needed - is for all people with something interesting or positive to say, to actually post what they have on their mind and the balance gets better.

And it will always vary over time ...

I remember back when the D200 was new, the Nikon Pro DX forum (it had a different name back then) was a very nasty place to be - first the slow deliveries of D200, and then the infamous banding issue made for a lot of heated debate. This forum was peaceful by comparison, until a while later it became the other way around when the frustrations about Nikon not having a FX camera reached peak intensity.

In the period of late 2007 and a few years onward this forum was a almost nauseatingly happy and content place with lots of (high iso) pictures

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