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Don't forget the ebbs and tides ...

ravduc wrote:

I have been around for ten years now (in other DPR forums) and only three months in this forum, and I think that this forum has to be the worse that I have experienced. Sorry, but I have to agree with the OP.

I have been around several of the more active forums here at Dpreview for almost ten years now, and they all have their ebbs and tides, their positive periods and their down periods.

For nasty climate, you should have tried this forum back in 2006 and first half 2007 (up until the D3 release), back then the mood really hit some low spots

Or you could have been in the corresponding Canon forum in late 2007 and 2008 when the 1D Mk3 AF issue clouded the skies. Or the same forum during period immediately after the D800 and Eos 5D Mk3 releases ...

But the most durably vicious of them all was for many years the Oly SLR forum (the infamous 1022 ) which now in the past year or two, after a lot of very active moderation, finally has settled down and mellowed.

Again, passion feeds both positive and negative feelings, and in the forums where there are enough passionate participants you will at times have emotional highs and emotional lows. Its just the nature of humans in general and of forums in particular.

This forum is in a bit of a funk, for sure, but not nearly as bad as in the pre FF days, and overall not very horrible.

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