ISO vs. Image Quality

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Why Worry?

Inky22 wrote:


I'm wondering what peoples tolerance level is for higher ISOs. Recently I've been taking some wildlife pics (mainly birds) under some challenging lighting conditions. Many people recommend a shutter speed that is 3x the focal distance which would put me up to 1/600 of a sec. which means I have to raise the ISO quite a bit. I really don't like to go beyond ISO 400 and would rather stay at or below 200. I'm wondering how others feel about this. At what point do you feel the loss of image quality due to high ISO is too much?

I have a D7100 with a 70-200mm f2.8 Nikon lens. I'm also using Lightroom to develop my images so some noise reduction is possible, but it's not all together satisfying.

So, looking for opinions.



You are thinking of this the wrong way around. Raise the ISO to whatever you require to get the shot, and really think nothing more of it than that. Be aware dynamic range will reduce...but seriously don't be one of these people on here who tells me they see noise when they zoom 100% on their monitor. Print, and for the most part it's gone. Most folk that worry about this make me laugh, espeically when they tell me the largest prints they do are 8 by 10s! You go to about 400 max? You are missing out! The modern DSLRs now like the D800 and D4 (and yes the D7100 has a great sensor too) produce an almost anaolgue look to noise which looks beautiful to me, why worry?

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