XT-1 - not as impressed as everybody else.

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Re: XT-1 - not as impressed as everybody else.

MayaTlab0 wrote:

Just an example related to AF performances : mirrorless cameras are often criticised for their AF-C performances as we all know, and we've seen a tremendous increase in performance in that matter over the last year. Yet, without proper ergonomics, a performant AF system is useless for action shooting. When you realise that you still can't quickly change focus points on all mirrorless cameras appart from the OM-Ds, you realise there is a bit of a problem. A Canon 7D / 5DIII / 1DX or Nikon D7100 / D800 / D610 / D4 (pick your poison) remains miles ahead mirrorless cameras for continuous AF, not just because of their performance, but also because of their user interface / ergonomics.

As I used to shoot with 5dII, K5 and D7000, I totally agree with you. But you can't deny that ergonomics is also directly linked to the size of a camera.

As I also used many other ones (X100, Rx100, XZ1...) for fun: each camera is a compromise: compromise in terms of viewfinder, sizes, ergonomics, IQ, lenses... But these last times, I've noticed that more and more people say: "I just received my camera, ergonomics (or AF, or anything else) is dreadful." It looks like more and more people choose their camera for its cons rather than for its pros: "This EVF is not as good as the best OVF"... "This Fuji camera has slower AF than Nikon AF-c"..."These small camera has tiny knobs..." Isn't it funny? And how can your fingers find the knobs immediatly? How can you get the best of an equipment in a few hours? By the way, how getting the best results without working hard? Just choose IA and press the shutter? These thoughts are very simple and obvious, but many people seem having lost some realities. Maybe results of a consumerist era?

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