XT-1 - not as impressed as everybody else.

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Re: XT-1 - not as impressed as everybody else.

The EV dial has some problems that earlier X cameras did not. Namely, it is harder to adjust with a thumb than with two fingers and forces the user to use two fingers rather than a thumb.
I don't understand what you mean with the EV comp dial to shutter.

Buttons are too small/recessed. The four-way controller is poorly fit to thumb navigation.

All flip screens cause problems for noses.

No mirrorless camera apart from the X-Pro 1 is even remotely akin to a rangefinder. Rangefinder digital cameras such as the Espson RD1 and the Leica Ms, are. But that is because they are rangefinders. If you use an XE-1, the only thing remotely close to a rangefinder is the position of the viewing piece. But the design and functionality is far closer to an Olympus Pen SLR than any rangefinder, ever.

The EVF is good enough for a lot of use, but shows, still, that there is a long way to go until the OVF is replaced. For casual stuff and AF lenses, it is mostly good enough, or is completely able to replace the OVF, but for fast-paced and critical work against bright backgrounds (among other things), it is far and away from perfect. But it's getting there.

I totally dig the X-t1, warts and all.

I would personally welcome stiff ev dial. Many times my dial on x100 gets turned by accident and it isn't a big deal to use two fingers when I need it instead of a thumb. Not sure about the nose hitting screen, depending on the schnose I guess.

I agree with you here. But the way the dial isn't as nice. It is slightly off centre, so that the only way to smoothly move it is to use two fingers, applying equal pressure to both sides. The X-Pro 1 moves too easily but the movement is better. If that movement could be made with more resistance, it would be perfect.

All screens that go to the edge of the camera will make it so that you nose will hit the screen unless you use magnifiers or something else that gets between you and the camera.

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