why give up OVF with MirrorLess camera like Nex

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Re: why give up OVF with MirrorLess camera like Nex

Personally, I will not buy a camera without an OVF. I'm friend with the owner of a local camera store, so I get to handle just about everything they have on display, and no EVF so far has convinced me to give up the OVF. The EVF has its advantages in very low light (although the OVF in a Canon 5DIII can go a long way, I've shot at full aperture, 1/10thsec at ei25600, with a clear view of the scene in the OVF). However, in daylight, I simply can't get used to the EVF.

i got an X pro 1 specifically for its OVF and ability to switch from OVF to EVF, thus getting the best of both worlds. But if Fuji were to give up their hybrid viewfinder in the future, that would be a show stopper for me.

these choices and preferences are certainly subjective to some extent, but isn't the whole photographic experience subjective in essence ?

Mel Snyder wrote:

I don't miss the OVF at all!

First of all, the OVF is just a prism over a ground glass screen. You talk like it was a purely optical system - it's not.

The EVF shows you precisely what the sensor saw without your eye ever leaving the finder. While you are chimping at the LCD and missing shots because you can't see it very well in sunlight, those of us with EVFs KNOW what we got - because we see it.

And not just in bright sunlight. The light amplification effect of Sony EVFs is so great it gives you cat-like vision. There are times when I look at the selected shutter speed in the EVF -and see it's nearly a full second - WOW - you couldn't even see the scene in an OVF.

And as someone else noted, you can't shoot video with an OVF. I have a loupe hood to convert my D7000's LCD into a crude EVF for eye-level shooting - but it can't hold a candle to my NEX-6 or A7 EVF.

I don't understand your lament for a OVF. Nikon makes cameras with OVFs. So does Canon. Buy one of them. You want a mirrorless camera but with a mirror?

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