Most of us are choosing less Megapixels but still hounded by MegaPixel Police!

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Re: I made a few mistakes. I will own it and clarify.

I think everything has been said. But...

We are there "yet" with compact cam small sensors. More megapixels really didn´t bring more resolution. Especially those 20Mpx cams are even worse than it´s lower MPs enemies in resolution teritory. That maybe goes against optical theory, but goes very well in practice. So I have a reson to believe that 12Mpx for 1/2,3" sensor is wall for todays technology.More Mpx is not wise to go here.

This would give 369Mpx for FF sensor size and about of 140-150Mpx for APS-C . As we are good, and we need better quality in PRO segment (and technology will also improve a bit), I think we are in 200-300Mpx theritory for definitive FF camera sensor and 100Mpx APS-C sensor with highest resolution possible as we know it. That is mathematical theory. Now we need to put in in the practice, but in fact nearly everytime I see higher megapixel count cam (and I compare only current cams) it has more noise even when image is downsized. If D800 is bright exception so be it... That way it´s hard to see this advantage for Megapixel police. In the meantime, new products get improved, and megapixel hunters say "I told you". But then comes new higher MP cam and Policy says "I told you"... And so on.

//forgot to add: But how about dynamic range? How are we going to solve this issue being promenent with lowering pixel size? Hope that technology will solve it, otherwise we hit the wall earlier. Nobody wants dynamic range of compact cam sensor in pro machine.

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Why does he do it?

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