Mirrorless Spanked at 2014 World Press Photo Comp.

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Re: Mirrorless Spanked at 2014 World Press Photo Comp.

Graham Hill wrote:

stevo23 wrote:

Graham Hill wrote:

jcharding wrote:

Everything I have read from companies like Olympus and Fuji is that while their overall camera divisions may have some financial issues, their mirrorless cameras are strong earners.

You wont read that in any Fujifilm report. No numbers of any kind support a statement like that.

Have either of you read through their financial reports?


BTW - Graham, this is a really tabloid style post you've started.


A statement like "mirrorless spanked" is quite tabloid. It implies something that is not even remotely relevant and creates an impression of an offering that is being refused.

As if 6000 captive press corps photographers have anything to say about the rest of the world.

Data is everywhere in the world.

Where else? It sounds so prolific, it must be easy to find.

You might want to think about the conclusion you're making in relation to the sample size.

I have.

Care to explain how 6000 pre-disposed and pre-biased photojournalists represent the masses? When did they ever? If you're showing things like Leica S, Mamiya 7, D4, D3 etc., this isn't the masses. Nor could it be.

You're basically rumor mongering without any real backup.


So where's the back up other than a pre-biased, tiny sample?

Instead of sharing a chart, can you give some idea of why this means something?

It means that none of the alleged advantages of mirrorless have even slightly trickled down to this specific group of serious photographers.

In this digital world, I think a lot of things trickle up. The lower end stuff gets all the beatings by consumers and amateurs before it's pushed upward.

And really, Canon and Nikon are stuck - they can't go mirrorless without risking installed base. I'd also be curious why you think mirrorless has ever been aimed at that market. I mean, we all know it's not, so why would it have much representation at this competition?

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