why give up OVF with MirrorLess camera like Nex

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Re: Canon made me do it.

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My gears

Nex F3 with these 4 lens - sel1855, sel16mm28, sel50mm18, sel55210

CanonT3i - with 55-250mm, tamron 17-55mm F28

I do use and Love my Nex F3, but ONLY thing I miss in Nex is the OVF.

I even tried Nex6 with EVF, but wasnt happy with EVF, as it is electronic and cant be Optical view finder

so I use T3i when I miss OVF

The Canon I use to own is the sole reason why I will never buy another camera with an optical viewfinder. I had a T2i and the metering system sucked!. In any metering mode it was still to reliant on the AF point. Changing to Center weighted only offered a minor improvement. My Nikon D40 was almost perfect. For my tastes, I just set the EV at -0.3 and left it alone. Oh the oher thing than ticked me off was that the meter locked when you half pressed the shutter release button. My lowly D40 did not, I could focus, recompose and the meter would reevaulate. Needless to say it would sometimes take me 2 or 3 shots, (ore more) to sometimes get the shot right.

When I got my NEX7, the EVF changed my whole world. First the metering system was as good as my D40 or any Nikon I've used (which is many) and if I ever felt like I wanted to adjust Exposure Compensation, I could do it while looking through the viewfinder, see the change, take the photo and it was always what I wanted when I looked at them later on my computer.

Since purchasing my NEX 7 (and now my A65), I like that I get to see a live histogram, see WB, color parameter changes, etc, etc, etc. For me, and what I do, I like the EVFs better.

I want to make sure am I the only one or others feel way using Mirror less?

Lot of folks seem to love Nex6, 7, A7, A7R and dont miss the OVF?

I will never use one again. Ever. Thanks Canon.


[In fairness to Canon, the 7D I tried does have a much better Meter inside it. But I'll still stick with my EVFs.]

Nothing wrong with Canon's metering system. Not even in my old XSi. You just need to learn to work with it.

I taught Photography classes for 8 years. I know better than most how the metering system should work. It should not work like my old Rebel requiring as much a +/-1EV to correctly expose a picture. Working at that camera store I got to test out almost everything that came through it. (The T2i was one I didn't get to test, I mistakenly bought it on Reputation and Specs, oops.) I even did side by side comparisons against other brands and I consistently got the worst results from my T2i. When I did my test with the 7D, the 7D worked perfectly. Either I got a camera with a bad meter in it, or the system that the camera employs is too heavily linked with the AF point. Evaluative is supposed to be an evaluative meter, mine acted like the partial spot meter. I found that using the Center Weighted meter or AE Lock (on neutral tones) resulted in better exposed images then when using Canon's Evaluative Meter. Interestingly enough, if I shot in Live View the meter behaved completely different then when shooting through the OVF, it would actually act like and evaluative meter. I know Canon can get it right, they just didn't in the T2i.

And you can decouple the exposure lock and your shutter button, FYI. There are a ton of custom functions in Canon cameras to help you set it up how you would like!

I played with Custom menu #9 but to my recollection there wasn't much improvement. Doesn't matter now, though, I shoot Sony and I don't have metering issues anymore.

That's because the LV meters off the sensor, not the dedicated meter which recieves no light when in LV.

You're missing the point. Let me explain again. For any given scene, If I shoot a Nikon in Live View or through the OVF, using its' Matrix Meter, I get identical exposures. if I shoot A 7D in Live View, then through its' OVF, using the Evaluative Meter, again, I get pretty much the exact same exposure. Same scene, but this time shoot with my old T2i, and I would different results.

These are the types of tests I did.

I don't care if the process for metering is different, the results of the T2i should have been much closer to the 7D or any of the Nikons I tried - but it wasn't. I was way off, which, as I explained before, meant I couldn't rely on the OVF because exposure was going to be all over the place, which it was.

It took a while, but I finally got rid of the T2i and got a NEX 7 and what a night and day difference that was, I could look through the EVF and all my shots came out great, AND I knew they were properly exposed because i could see it BEFORE taking the shot.

I honestly don't care nor doubt your conclusions. You said "interestingly enough when using LV the meter behaved completely different" I was just explaining that that is because they ARE completely different meteoric systems. I also don't really care about what you can and cannot do with your NEX-7's EVF... I actually think you have mistaken me for someone else? Also don't doubt that the T2 or whatever camera you are talking about had crape metering, it isn't uncommon for Canon to skimp on stuff like that. I just thought you would like to know why they may have been different between those two modes of operation because you didn't seem too clear on why that was the case.

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