Most of us are choosing less Megapixels but still hounded by MegaPixel Police!

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Re: I made a few mistakes. I will own it and clarify.

I hope you didn't find my previous too brutal, I will try to be more pedagogical in this one.

1) Hardly anyone will deny that high-quality low-MP cameras exist. But all other combinations also exist (low-quality low-MP, high-quality high-MP, low-quality high-MP), therefore the existence of high-quality low-MP cameras does not in any way allow us to conclude anything useful. Your argument is relying on the two great fallacies - generalizing from some examples to all examples, as well as overlooking alternative explanations.

2) Just because a lot (even most) of enthusiasts are asking for less MP (and perhaps even getting it), that doesn't mean that they have any clue as to what they are talking about. I used to be one of those people who would compare a 10 MP image to a 18 MP image at 100% and complain about inferior quality. Then I got educated on my errors on these forums, and I am grateful for that.

If you compare a 10MP image at 100% with a 18MP image at 100%, the 18MP image will be almost twice as enlarged as the other. It is an unfair comparsion, you must compare at the same level of enlargement instead, and here the 18MP image clearly wins. I don't know if you are making that particular error when comparing cameras, but I am convinced that the majority of enthusiasts is doing it.

3) I am not saying that more MP is always a good idea - depending on sensor design and lens quality you can reach a point where you are receiving no discernible benefit from the additional pixels. But in reality, most (many?) cameras are not there yet, and in general more MP yields a better image.

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