X-Trans advantages - fact or fiction ?

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Is there really little difference, or has it just not been noticed?

nick_webster wrote:

It looks as if some people see some small differences and others, like me, don't perceive a big enough difference to notice. At least it makes me feel as if I'm not missing something obvious

I wonder if it depends on subject matter, as it does with the X10 (EXR sensor) and the X20 (X-Trans)?

In general, when we only had the X10 we thought it resolved well.  However, as this shot shows, certain details, like a face, show little difference between the two cameras, whereas the weave in a pair of jeans is quite obviously better resolved with X-Trans.

These two cameras have the same optics but different sensors.  These are crops from the same two images:

Not a lot of difference on facial features

Better resolution by X-Trans is obvious on cloth weave, guitar front panel

Differences best seen at Original size.

I have shot extensive comparisons between these two cameras and the differences are not always clearly visible. At certain times on certain detail in certain scenes the differences are obvious.

When comparing published review images from the X-A1 and X-M1 with, say the X-Pro 1, it appears that different optics are being used. The two cameras are so obviously inferior in detail sharpness that I assume different lenses were used, possibly the kit lenses on the X-A1 and the X-M1, while the X-Pro 1 looks like it has a good prime attached.

It became obvious after a while with the Nikon D800, for instance, that good optics were needed to get the extra details out. Kit lenses showed no improvement over lesser cameras.

I understand that the same issue dogged first reports from the Pentax K3.  Unless you use appropriate quality optics, better sensors won't necessarily show their features.

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