Some low light handheld D800 shots

Started Feb 21, 2014 | Discussions thread
Daniel Bliss Senior Member • Posts: 1,861
Re: Some low light handheld D800 shots

Terrific set of photos.  Wish I was there.  How long does it run for?  I absolutely love the lighting and the effect of the exhibit, it's a great use of the lens, and yes, the VR really does work in this case.

I just bought the 16-35 myself, but for a very different immediate reason -- NikonUSA's sale on the lens (a rarity, they discount it less than almost any other), combined with the sea caves and stacks on Lake Superior that have frozen up to the point this winter that you have complete access on foot on the two-to-three foot thick ice that now stretches out several miles from the shore.

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