17-40 + 50 1.4 on 70D?

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Re: 17-40 + 50 1.4 on 70D?

MMACory wrote:

I've had the 17-55 and, i don't know, it just didn't grab me.

I've had the 17-55 for six years.
It's an excellent lens optically and a very good one-lens solution for 1.6x cameras.
But I got tired of using such a bulky lens as a walk-around lens, so I replaced it with the 17-40L.

I now use the following lenses: the 17-40L as a walk-around, the 24/2.8 IS for indoors, and the 60mm macro for outdoors and macro.

I don't agree that the 17-40L is not a good option for 1.6x cameras. It's relatively compact (certainly more so than the 17-55), it doesn't extend when zooming, it's very sharp, and has wonderful color rendition (arguably better than the 17-55).
The only thing that I miss from the 17-55 is the IS; it's really helpful to have it on a walk-around lens.

The 17-40L + 50/1.4 combo seems like a good idea to me. 50mm is relatively close 35mm, though.
A lens wider than 35mm might be more useful in combination with the 50/1.4 (e.g. 24/28mm).

Good luck.

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