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Re: Who is at fault for the waxy skin tones?

BillyInya wrote:

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BillyInya wrote:

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mistermejia wrote:

Is it Fuji itself ?? Or could this be a SABOTAGE thing from the sensor maker itself??

It is in the processing. I believe that, in an attempt to win the more tangible battle, showing less noise at higher ISO, aggressive NR and processing is causing this issue. So many consumers these days equate lack of noise to low light IQ, because it is tangible and can be seen easily, that they forget the other, and some times more important aspects of low light IQ, like texture and detail retention. Fuji is smart here. They know who they are catering to and so they pull their own special wool sheet.

Does Fuji actually make this sensors, or do they buy them from Sony or someone else?

They buy them from Sony.

I am just curious because i CAN'T believe that the jpegs are changing so much with the new sensors, i couldn't possibly believe that Fuji is just bypassing or ignoring this skin tone issue.

I doubt they are ignoring it, but there is only so much they can do before they introduce noise back not the photo, which is fine in my opinion, but then it will effect all the people who only ever post DPR high ISO sample comparison shots to declare Fuji the noiseless low light king.

I just moved from nikon to get away from plastic looking skin tones, and Fuji's new cameras are all coming out like this now??? I don't get it.

For the life of me I can't understand people wanting a serious system camera and all the fixings just to shoot jpeg, but to each their own. Mix poor light, high ISO, and bad WB settings, then demand a SOOC jpeg, and that is what you may get.

Give yourself one full week with an S5Pro, or even an ancient S3Pro for that matter, and you won't be able to understand why people even bother with RAW let alone are talking about it.

Thats funny. One of the things the S5 Pro was known for was it's amazing highlight retention, being able to pull back up to 5 stops while retaining detail and color. Pretty amazing feature of that camera. Oh, by the way, that was a function of the raw files.

I'm afraid if you think the S5pro (or S3Pro as they have exactly the same sensor) only gave you extra in RAW then you don't know the camera.

Oh, is that the case Billy? Are the jpegs as flexible in post as the raw files in the S5/S3? Hmmm...

Is a matter of fact yes. The jpegs out of the S3Pro and S5Pro hold up surprisingly well to quite a bit of post processing when compared to other jpegs. If you had experience with either camera you would know this.

If you are talking about RAW, then I can't help you. I gave up labouring away with RAW almost a decade ago. But by all means, you keep plodding along at it.

So you are comparing the jpegs vs other cameras jpegs while I am talking about the extreme highlight recovery of the raw files vs the jpeg files. Why? I could care lass how the jpegs stack up against other jpegs. Jpegs only handle a finite amount of information, whereas raw files, and this is a fact Billy, contain substantially more information.

I'll say it again in a different way. If you want to get the most out of the S5/S3, especially with regards to this one feature that the camera is well known for, then you are shooting raw.

For goodness sake, pick up an S5Pro or an S3Pro, hold it in your actual hand, shoot with it and inspect the image quality coming straight out of it and learn why for so many shooting RAW is almost totally unneccessary and a chore of the past.

Typical Billy. Gets into a corner and starts repeating some mantra without addressing anything in the post. You are so predictable.

Perhaps before you start to tell us all about the S5Pro, perhaps you should ... oh I don't know ... maybe use one !!

Are you aware if I have or have not Billy? Funny thing is that there are a couple for sale near me and I bet I could buy one and a couple lenses and come back here and post photos from it before you ever post anything from any of your imaginary cameras.

You don't own an S5Pro and you don't know the S5Pro so if I were you I would not be telling us all about the S5Pro.

I could literally say the same about you.

No you can't.

I am not convinced you are a photographer of any sort, nor that you own any cameras. There, I said it.

That's the way. You are caught out yourself so what do you do ... say it back. Hmmm, very original.

Caught doing what? Telling people that Raw files contain more data than jpeg? Okay, you got me Billy.

I never said I own an S5, but you may be in for a little surprise here in the very near future. Just because I can.

But yes, why don't you go and buy one of the ones near you. After using it for a while you will begin to understand what I and others are saying.

No need to understand because you are arguing something totally different than what I am talking about, just for the sake of doing it. Totally worthless. Thanks for being consistent.

What is worthless is when people come in here and attempt to start to lecture the community on a camera they do not own and have never owned.

Actually, you seem to be the one who is misrepresenting the conversation. I am not discussing the merits so much of the camera so much as I am saying that an 8 bit jpeg container does not hold the information that a raw file does, and that is an irrefutable fact.

The irony here is that you will argue against that fact, and then turn around and start pumping out drivel about how a few PDAF pixels reduce resolution in new X series cameras and make the older models superior. You are the laughing stock of this forum.

Not in the slightest. This is all about you lecturing us on the merits of a camera you do not own, you have not used and have no idea about. And you have been caught out big time.

Again, caught doing what exactly? Did I say at the time that I owned one? Or did I ACCURATELY say that one of the merits of the camera was it's awesome highlight recovery in Raw.

Hey, guess what? As a Porsche 911 Turbo guy, I do not own a Ferarri 458 Italia, so is it wrong for me to say that it has been tested to run 0-60 in 3 seconds?

You don't know that when you compare a jpeg out of an S3Pro or S5Pro with a processed RAW file, the difference can in some instances be so minimal there is little reason to labour away with shooting RAW at all. You have no idea of the absolutely sublime jpeg quality that is possible out of the S3Pro or S5Pro because you have not experienced it, yet, you feel qualified to "tell" us and "argue" points. It is both hilarious and sad at the same time.

So which points were hilarious and sad Billy?

1) Raw files contain more data than jpeg?

2) S5 Highlight recovery from a Raw file exceeds that of the jpeg?

Funny, because these points have been made countless times all over the internet, and they can be linked too for days, but because I have not owned the camera, I am not qualified to discuss these points? So I won't find you out there on DPR talking about the merits of the XT1, or Leica, or any other camera then that you have not "claimed" to own yet? I'm sure a simple search will turn up some good answers to that question.

The only thing hilarious and sad is that you claim one can not discuss the merits of the camera based on countless reviews over years and tons of photographers who have used the S5/S3. I will happily point out from now on when you discuss the merits of cameras that you do not "claim" to own, since that seems to be a rule for you.

I am sorry but you are way out of your depth if you think you can lecture me or the community on the S3Pro or S5Pro without ever owning or using one. I suspect many will agree with me on this.

Great, lets find someone then Billy.

So, may I makje a polite suggestion, pause for a moment and think before jumping in and embarrassing yourself in the future.

You are the only embarrassing thing on this forum, and more and more people are saying it. Even a DPR staff member talks with me about it in PM.

The S5/S3 has better DR in jpegs than most any other camera out there, even today, but once it's blown, you will not get the leniency that you will from the Raw file. That is a FACT.

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