Convince me to jump ship Nikon V1 to M4/3!

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Re: Convince me to jump ship Nikon V1 to M4/3!

Anders W wrote:

NathanCrisman wrote:


I want to look in the viewfinder and see the actual exposure and resultant capture. Right now with my V1 in M mode...I can set ISO200/F5.6 1/200 in a dim room....look in the he viewfinder and see a nicely lit room, yet shoot a frame that is solid black. In that situation, I want to see solid black Before I capture.

Auto ISO Adjustable limits, logical use in M mode, display of chosen value in EVF?

Don't know since I never use auto ISO.

On my EP3, I can set high and default for Auto ISO.

ISO on a mechanical button would be awesome too Rather than menu only.

Don't think you can put ISO on a button.

On the EP3 you can put ISO on the wheel directional press - Mine for example is on pressing it to the right.

on the flip side there are a few things I'm sure to be annoyed with in Mu4/3:

slightly bigger lenses in physical size/weight (side effect of bigger sensor). I'm more concerned with weight than bulk.

I think you can put together a lens collection similar to the one you have for Nikon 1 that is just about as small and light. Have a look here

at the following lenses:

Oly 9-18

Pany 14

Pany X 14-42

Oly 40-150

Pany 20 or the upcoming Oly 25, the latter shown here

Photography is about compromise in nearly every aspect.

Sure most equivalent lenses and the cameras are larger. That's just optics. If you have the space for it try it. If you want bokelicious pictures, sure (That's relative of course. My focal reducer and 55mm F1.2 says hi!)

There are cheap ways to try out the system. try KEH used section, or go try it out in a store.

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