African safari D800E backup: anything better than D610?

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Re: African safari D800E backup: anything better than D610?

Thanks for the practical info, Devendra. Great shots!

Here's the note where Thom drills deep in his assessment of D800 structural fragility:

"I need to repeat something I've written elsewhere about D800's: don't drop them. Ever. The number of "beyond repair" D800's I know about continues to grow every week. Personally, I regard this a design fault—especially on a camera regarded as "pro" by its maker. What happens is this: if the camera falls and any strong pressure is put on the lens mount, the rear of the metal alloy frame breaks just in front of the rear LCD. The frame can apparently also crack if impact stress is put on it from the back or edges of the camera. Unfortunately, this cracking of the chassis then makes "alignment" impossible. The frame would have to be replaced, and to replace a frame means complete (and I mean complete) disassembly and reassembly, which Nikon won't undertake because it is not financially viable. You're better off buying a new camera when that happens to you."

I am not a pro, but common sense tell me when you have a heavy lense attached to a camera (regardless of the camera) and drop the combo, its not gonna end good.

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