Most of us are choosing less Megapixels but still hounded by MegaPixel Police!

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I made a few mistakes. I will own it and clarify.

1. I said "most" when I should have said "many" of us. My bad.

2. I listed off cameras making assumptions that you would know the qualities of those cameras in their categories. (I am not against MegaPixels.) I want more! But I was listing those cameras because they are well known examples in the forums that cover them that they universally have better image quality than most of their higher Mega Pixel counterparts with the same size sensors.

Actually it was so true that Canon dropped the G10 15mp camera back down to 10MP on the G11 after enthusiast outcry. So I think maybe I generalized too much and these comments would have read better in the Compacts and Micro Four Thirds forums.

So my point was I am tired of mega pixel police telling us more is not better, when in some cases it is, but also many of us already understand that yes in some cases less is better and the Sales of cameras the Canon G series, Olympus XZ series and Stylus 1, The Fuji X-10 and X-20, and the Panasonic LX series, the LF1, and the FZ200's all have proven pretty overwhelmingly that many if not most of us in those forums know that more is not always better.   That was and is still part of my point.

The people who have bought those cameras had options with many more megapixels and opted for less because they were educated.  But they are still lectured when they talk about wanting more and they shouldn't be.

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