African safari D800E backup: anything better than D610?

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Re: African safari D800E backup: anything better than D610?

I'm not sure if Thom's lens mount "design flaw" comment is true or not. However, if it is, it would seem like a worse case issue for a safari. Given the amount of dust in the field you want to minimize lens changes. That means your bodies will often remain attached to the different lenses while riding around all day in a very bumpy vehicle. This type of stress would be worse for heavier bodies vs light ones.

Dean Baird wrote:

Thom Hogan says the D800 comes off as fragile in the field (especially on safari). I don't know what--if any--reputation the D610 has getting knocked around. Same size battery is a plus.

I plan to rent a second body for the trip. Not looking for the bulk of a D4.

Am I missing any standouts for a backup body contender?

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