Diffraction Limit Discussion Continuation

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Re: Diffraction Limit Discussion Continuation

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The way I see it is that other sources of blur are usually of considerable more importance than diffraction. The main reason to consider diffraction is to avoid stopping down unnecessarily, such as shooting a landscape at f/16 when everything is easily within the DOF at f/8.

Many photographers seem to stop down far more than they need to to get their whole subject within the DOF.

I completely agree with this statement, and that is the point that Sergey often raises.

Partially, it's focussing on the wrong point. Sometimes, just not thinking about how much DOF they actually want.

For a portrait it's easy to choose a focus point...

The far eye, right?

...but for deep DOF should one focus at Merklinger's infinity or conventional wisdom's 1/3 (or is it 1/2) of the way or something else? Opinions clearly differ.

Whatever gets the portions of the scene you want within the DOF. Truth be told, for a static scene, I shoot a shot with a guess, then check by chimping, and adjust as necessary. Super sophisticated, I know, but I'm smart like that.

Hey, that's the way Strad built his fiddles (or at least that's what he told me) and Taskin built his harpsichords (or at least that's what he told my wife).

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