What is this forum for?

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Re: What is this forum for?

I agree with you.  Some common courtesy is missing.  There is no need to open a thread with "Your camera is the poor cousin."  Whatever camera someone has bought they have done so to enjoy photography.  If it is considered a poor choice because better is available the forum should be there to advise how to get the best from that equipment, not to mock the choice.  People on the forum have a keen interest in photography that is why they are here I would hope.  We are all at different stages of learning, and probably Nikon enthusiasts.  Good stuff on this forum will make members feel more involved and future Nikon products could benefit....it is all about learning and developing.  We are all playing for the same team....doesn't always seem that way!

Some points:

1. Photography is simple a bit about composition the amount of light and for how long.....job done!

There is more to it than that. Help may be required.

2. Everybody has to start somewhere.

Help may be required

3. Modern cameras are very sophisticated.

Help may be required.


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