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Re: I believe Bruce

1w12q312qw1 wrote:

I've had my fair share of fights with trolls here and there.

(notice Neil/Linda hasn't been around lately?)

I've tangled and had my fun with Robert in the past, but I sent him some private messages and we made peace. (friends now on Facebook

He's been dick'n with you guys for quite awhile for the pure fun of it.

Bruce is a personal friend of Robert's and knows him well. When Bruce says Robert's just "dick'n" the forum for "fun", I believe him. So when Robert re-enters the discourse, I'll know he's just getting his jollies here, playing us "children" then Facebooking Bruce with the hilarity of it all.

I don't know guys, but when I see posts from veterans like Robin C., Steve B, Reilly D., etc., etc., I don't have to guess whether it's the real-life person posting or the "internet-persona-jus'-dick'n-the-forum" person.

Thanks Bruce, you may not have intended to, but you have done this forum a great service with your insights. We shall proceed from here with clear heads.

Kind regards,


And thank you Stanley.

Those Were my intentions.

Keep a Clear Head, and remember there are more important things besides bickering about silly opinions about This camera or That camera.

Life is short.



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Keep the fun real.

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