What is a 'Pro' Photographer, really?

Started Feb 20, 2014 | Discussions thread
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Re: It's your job (incl weekend wedding photogs), PERIOD!

Mike_PEAT wrote:

You make regular money from it, you're a pro....you don't, you're an amateur.

Not saying pro is better...I know many amateurs who are better and more serious about photography than most of the pros I have met.

They tend to have more time to experiment and their food is not tied to their photography.
"Pros' have to make it pay, have to work reasonably quickly, sometimes production-line style with school photos.

They need consistently good photos, not 10 meh and 1 wow! type.

I used to be proud to say I wasn't a pro...but I got a job offer I couldn't refuse so now it's my day job.

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