why give up OVF with MirrorLess camera like Nex

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Re: why give up OVF with MirrorLess camera like Nex

clearzoom wrote:

I want to make sure am I the only one or others feel way using Mirror less?

EVF is a funny technology. If you look at digital versus film, most people made the transition and never really missed film. A few are nostalgic, some still use it, many are happy to be rid of it, but most just transitioned over and never looked back.

With EVF versus OVF, I think it's much more of a compromise and once you've used both, you see the benefits in each. Personally, I don't care for looking at an EVF. I've tried EVFs from the Sony A33 to the NEX-6 and NEX-7, the Olympus EM1, the Fuji XE1, the Sony A7, and I find them disconcerting, ignoring any issues of lag, "night blindness", dynamic range, etc.

But they bring with them the technical benefits of mirrorless (AF accuracy, lack of shutter vibration & noise) as well as live view (previsualization of exposure, white balance) and on-screen displays (the feature I miss most is the level). When I switched from Sony to Nikon after trying the A77 2+ years ago, it wasn't because of the EVF. I do prefer the OVF in a DSLR, but would have been content with the EVF. I expect that at some point in the future, I will be using a Nikon F mount camera with an EVF.

Lot of folks seem to love Nex6, 7, A7, A7R and dont miss the OVF?

I'm sure that's true; lots don't miss the OVF. And I'm sure many will miss it, but decide that it's a worthwhile tradeoff.

Nobody at the beginning of digital thought it was good enough to replace film, not even close. It wasn't simply a nostalgia thing then, it simply wasn't as good. nowadays it's (obviously) a different story though, so the comparison is still a way off as EVF and OVF there are advantages in.each camp, but like film vs digital EVF will eventually completely replace OVF... except for nostalgia purposes.

I wrote above about the change from RF to TTL SLRs, people didnt want to change over then either, but TTL offered much more than a RF could (within the limits of technology available at the time) such as DoF preview, accurate framing, focussing through the lens etc and eventually it won out, despite the naysaying, because it was a better compositional aid at the end of the day. EVF is the next evolution of that, it adds more compositional aids than TTL OVF ever could so eventually will replace it. It's just that people don't like change on the whole and will always find reasons not to change... but they get there eventually.

Most people didn't want cameras in their phones, just simply didn't want them to be present. Then they didn't want them to do email or go on the internet. Now phone makers don't make phones like that any more because people don't buy them, except in some niche circumstances.

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