Most of us are choosing less Megapixels but still hounded by MegaPixel Police!

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Re: The main point of this.

EinsteinsGhost wrote:

We don't know what each others experiences or considerations are, with the exception of a few people we may interact with frequently. And even those people we don't know very much, but we know enough to give them the benefit of the doubt based on previously displays of wisdom.

But it gets old seeing thread after thread of knowledgeable people being flamed for preferring more MP's once in a while. When I see someone asking about something like this, I ask them questions like;

How would that help you? What are the downsides to adding more MP's on a sensor? Will that sensor still perform well in low light? What technology improvements allow for that?

Not everyone needs a lecture and few will even absorb it in that fashion. So it would just be great to see people trying ask some clarifying questions that help lead both sides to a better understanding of each others point of view.

Addressing your main points:
1- There is no need for higher resolution: what makes for a "higher resolution"? The 8MP sensor on my Sony F828 was high in 2003. How many of these cameras do you say most people are buying that have 8MP? And why 8MP? Why not 5MP? Why would you prefer to have a 5MP camera?

2- Higher resolution equals more noise: not really but let us use this argument further. Are you trying to suggest that higher pixel density is something to avoid? Then, how exactly are 12MP Panasonic sensors better in that regard than 36MP FF sensors or 16-20MP APSc sensors?

Has anyone suggested that they are better?  And are you suggesting that a 12mp Panasonic sensor (1/2.3in?) has lower pixel density than a 16mp APS-C sensor?

Conversely, if 36MP on FF is too many on the sensor, a 9MP m43 sensor is too much... Trying going back to 1/2.3" sensors. And is 4MP on the tiny HTC sensor too many?

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