What is this forum for?

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What is any forum for?

In the spirit of the subject you bring up I should of course start out by insulting you, then proceed by vigorously counter-argue a somewhat different question then the one you actually posed, and finish it of by accusing you of something you did not say ... But I am in a friendly mood today 

PaleRiderBath wrote:

Good day to you all. I don't often post here but have lurked for many years. Over the last day or so, I have been browsing the forum for the first time in a while and am much saddened by what I have found. On just this first page I have witnessed:

  • Insults.
  • Forum members attacking other members.
  • Some really quite sophisticated trolling.
  • Some really very unsophisticated trolling.
  • Bickering and fighting.
  • Threads and posts disappearing all over the place.
  • A general air of dissent and discontent.

You could add to that list:

  • Sincere questions
  • Friendly and, at times, informed answers to said questions
  • Some great image examples posted
  • Genuine discussion topics where the responses will range from silly to fascinating
  • Funny posts
  • Etc ...

And in summary you have a pretty standard internet forum. Not a whole lot better, but certainly no worse then any other forum out there.

I was hoping to come on and ask a couple of questions but it does not look like I would be very welcome to do so. Is this forum still suitable for such a purpose or has it completely descended into chaos now?

No, it is pretty much the same as it was when I first entered here almost ten years ago. And pretty much the same as any forum, mailing list, usenet forum I have seen during the past 20 years online.

It was always a bit "edgy" in here,

Yes. It always is in forums dealing with anything people are passionate about.

but it seems to be out of control now.


What has been the cause of this and is it worth my effort to ask questions here?

As for questions, as a general rule of thumbs for all forums: the quality of the answers will usually be fairly proportional to the quality of the question posed. A somewhat obvious example:

If you ask "Can any of you dimwits explain why the idiots at Nikon made the silly grip on my lousy D800 so small, please explain in detail or I will hit you over the face" then you might get a few rude replies, and some not entirely truthful, nor informative answers.

On the other hand, if you ask: "I find the grip on my D800 a bit small. Do anyone agree, and if so, do you have any thought on why Nikon choose this design?" you will probably get mostly fairly level headed answers, some speculation, and some interesting thoughts on the issue.

The most common error by people asking questions is to not provide enough background information. Like "My pictures are bad, what is wrong with my camera?" Without mentioning in what way the images are bad (Unsharp? Bad exposure? Bad colors? Bad composition? ...), or what camera and lens what was used.

The second most common mistake is to ask a question, and then just disappear without a trace. No feedback will either quickly kill the thread (if to few people got interested) or derail it in some unexpected direction.

I have posted some questions here (and in other forums on this site) over the years and for the most part gotten good answers. I have also started a few discussions, and again, for the most part, gotten interesting replies.

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