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Disagree on Robert being a nice guy

Bruce Granofsky wrote:

T O Shooter wrote:

Bruce Granofsky wrote:


Someone reading these threads would think that camera aficionados are the most hateful neurotic and spiteful of all hobbyists.

and I'm sure you've had your moments.

Yup, sure have, and guilty as charged.

I've had my fair share of fights with trolls here and there.

(notice Neil/Linda hasn't been around lately?)

I've tangled and had my fun with Robert in the past, but I sent him some private messages and we made peace. (friends now on Facebook

He's been dick'n with you guys for quite awhile for the pure fun of it.

Not as much as I screw with him

Really, a nice guy with a good sense of humour when you get to know him.

Disagree with your assessment of Robert I get a kick out of him from time to time, and make a few posts at his expense. Livens it up a bit. He doesn't get into it with me because he knows my gear list trumps his, and he tends to tackle whom he perceives has gear inferior to his. And any person who makes fun of another because of their lot in live or they don't have the money to buy certain gear is not a nice person. That's crossing a line. I have a LOT of $$ in gear, but I don't lose sight of the fact that I'm very fortunate to be able to do that, and not everyone is in the same situation.

Photography - I do it for passion, not for a buck! It's just better that way.

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