Most of us are choosing less Megapixels but still hounded by MegaPixel Police!

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Re: Most of us are choosing less Megapixels but still hounded by MegaPixel Police!

MoreorLess wrote:

Pantyhose Bandit wrote:

Megapixels are largely a scam anyway. I wrote an article about that which had 1500 views in one day.

Briefly - they're a stupid but very effective marketing ploy designed to make people buy the next camera.

The difference between megapixels is so tiddly that it's not worth the time of day.

10 megapixels is better than 8 megapixels? I'm going to call baloney on that one. What is the actual difference? On a 2:3 ratio camera, 8 megapixels is 3456 x 2304 pixels. 10 megapixels is 3888 x 2592. This is a whole 344 pixels wider and a while 298 pixels taller. Whoopie! Bring out the dancing girls!

As I said, I wrote about the great megapixel scam ages ago. I opted out of extra megapixels when cameras reached 8 megapixels. I just don't need more. I have printed 16x24 competition prints from 8 megapixels with no problem.

99.9% of my photos stay on my computer. Bigger images are just a waste of storage space. It's the same for everybody.

I'v printed 16 x 24 from an 8 MP compact and whilst yes it looked okish from a long distance away un close it clearly had some quite serious flaws and allowed for net to no processing.

Even shooting with a 18 MP Canon ASPC sensor I found prints that size had less than perfect resolution and a limated threshold for editing before noise damaged them.

I agree with your remarks but don't understand this.  What does editing have to do with noise degradation?  When you say editing, do you mean with a program like Photoshop?

The reality is I'd say that for most people resolution is something you either don't need much of at all or can always do with more of. If your not printing at all then really high ISO performance is all you should care about, either that or future 4K/8k digital display. If you are printing though you don't actually need to go very large at all before resolution becomes an issue.

Of course that's not just MP's but with similar sensor tech more megapixels will generally outperform uprezed megapixels. If you've got something like Sigma's foveon sensors then they can clearly beat say 24 MP ASPC rivals of course even at 15 MP.

Personally I think a lot of people underestimate just how much large printing goes on these days. The time of everyone getting 6x4 prints done is clearly over but printing large today is easy and cheaper than its ever been before.

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