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Re: FX is somewhere aroud 8% of DSLR sales for Nikon...

JimPearce wrote:

About the same as back in 2008. Does the significance of this elude you? The D600/610 were clearly aimed at increasing the FX share of Nikon's DSLR market. In fact, the D800/E and D600/D610 were meant to do that and steal share from Canon. It didn't work. Nikon has to hit the reset button on their product development and marketing, and soon.

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Kinda, sorta have to agree with you, although numbers may not tell the whole story. The techno-sands are shifting rapidly and it does seem like Nikon's blueprint for the future is murky. As someone else said, Canon is larger than Nikon and thus has bigger pockets for R&D and fortifying their existing lineup. Patents applied for by Nikon say 3 or 4 years ago may not look as good today as they did then. You've got to think way ahead of the curve and I'm not sure that's in Nikon's DNA. And they don't need another "niche" product right now if I follow your logic.


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