A7/A7R + Sunpak (sony compatible) flash + adapter--works in ttl, fails in auto

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Re: A7/A7R + Sunpak (sony compatible) flash + adapter--works in ttl, fails in auto

I've experience with 3rd party flashes and the  new hotshoe. I use a metz 58 af-2 which i've purchased when i first received my nex 7. It works great both with my a99 and sony a7. No problems in manual mode. In ttl mode though, it requires  a flash compensation of +1.7 in order to expose properly. It also worked with my pixel king wireless trigger straight out of the box. Whereas for my sony hvl 60m, i needed to update the wireless triggers in order for the flash to work properly with it at all. With the new hotshoe though, my metz is now my spare flash as i prefer to work without using adapters and I use my flash on camera most of the time. If you only want to use manual mode, do try out metz or even yongnuo seems to have a good reputation with sony.

As for your issue with the sunpak flash, I suspect it has nothing to do with the compatibility of the adapter rather its more an issue with the flash itself. I say this as you mentioned that the person you talked to say that this is an issue with some nikons as well. As as alternative, why not try the sony hvl 43m. A little more pricy compared to 3rd party flashes. But you do gain a lot for the price you pay. No need for adapters. With a bounce card taped behind the flash, the bounce card will always be facing forward even in portrait mode due to the ability of the flash to swivel. This is great for on camera work.

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