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Midwest and TThorne...

Midwest wrote:

TThorne wrote:

For the life of me I can't understand people wanting a serious system camera and all the fixings just to shoot jpeg, but to each their own. Mix poor light, high ISO, and bad WB settings, then demand a SOOC jpeg, and that is what you may get.

Exactly. It's like buying a $1000 Cuisinart mixer to make whip cream. JPG's should be good of course but if it's worth spending $$$ on a really good camera - to get great photos - then it's worth a bit of PP'ing to make sure the white balance etc. are perfect for the subject, which is something the camera can't always ascertain.

... It is not ALWAYS necessary to shoot raw to get nice photos. I'm talking about "everyday photos" like family, friends, vacation, the dog, you know, whatever.

I don't want to shoot raw for photos of my 5 year old running around naked, what for!??

Again, the issue is that fuji is known for their GREAT jpegs, specially the more natural look of people's skins, so why mess that up??

I mean, RAW is already there for people to make the skin look as much plasticky as they want, but why mess up something so precious as "almost perfect SOOC jpegs"?? Only fuji has this, so why would fuji be STUPID enough to mess their own reputation on this??? Heck, even better, let this be an OPTION for one to turn noise reduction On/Off.

RAW is just an option to get all creative and to do WHATEVER one feels like doing with their photos, and for repairing a photo as well, but i personally wish not to shoot raw all the time

In the end, this is why i got the XE1 to begin with. If i'm going to HAVE to shoot raw then i rather get the 24MP Pentax K3 or a Canon with their awesome video.

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