D600 / D610 - A camera for the masses

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Re: D600 / D610 - A camera for the masses

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Can't get into replying to the troll.

Thing is a D610 is a camera for the masses. Same as the VW bug was in it's day, a 6 cyl Mustang as opposed to a V8, a 600cc snowmobile.

They are not meant to be the best of anything. Just an affordable option for those that can't / won't spend the money on the top tier ones, or don't need the feature set of them. Same goes for household appliances, furniture, computers, clothing, and just about anything else you can buy.

Affordable, reasonable amount of features, never top of the line. Nothing wrong with that. And a perfect camera for those whose requirements match the features offered. High enough mp for most, good DR, light weight, U1 and U2 modes, reasonable AF.

Hardly required a thread insulting those that bought it.

It is far too expensive to be for the masses, outside wealthy America anyway. But it is a superb camera, far from entry level.

I see "non-wealthy" Americans walking out of every electronics store in America with a flat screen TV costing about the same.

I think it is the same in the UK. But a TV is for the family and I assume these people watch it every evening. So, as you say ...

Just a matter of priorities I guess.

I think you Americans do have more spare cash. It is amazing how many use high end pro gear to take snapshots of their kids doing sports.

that is a generalisation based on no fact. many people throughout the world work long and hard to Earn their money and some will use some of it to reward themselves, a new camera / lens. Apart from helping drive the economy, and others jobs, it gives the opportunity for great creativity and expression.

Actually it is based on fact. I could not believe how much graduates could earn in the US straight after college. Yours is a wealthy country. And look at UK and US forums, and you quickly see the difference.

while i will not get into a political debate, you do not base an idea of the wealth of a population on 1 (dubious) statistic.

It was just one example. But I am not interested in word play. The truth is that there is a sizeable middle class who spend a lot of money on expensive cameras, more so than the UK.

You present no evidence for this. Just because you say something is true dose not mean it is.

Just look at photo forums in the UK and the US and you will see that the US posters have far more disposable income.

Wealth is a very difficult metric to measure. Your statistic for example tells nothing of the wealth of a population. Not that it matters but i am not from the USA.

If you want a better understanding of economics of countries i can suggest you read the FT.

You are trying to take a simple remark, and use it for a fight. Find someone else to argue with.

no i am pointing out that you claim something to be a fact yet have no evidence, so you do not know at all.

Nonsense. Look at measures such as average GDP per head and you will see that the US is a wealthy nation. It is a basic fact.

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