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The way I see it is that other sources of blur are usually of considerable more importance than diffraction. The main reason to consider diffraction is to avoid stopping down unnecessarily, such as shooting a landscape at f/16 when everything is easily within the DOF at f/8.

Many photographers seem to stop down far more than they need to to get their whole subject within the DOF.

I completely agree with this statement, and that is the point that Sergey often raises.

Partially, it's focussing on the wrong point. Sometimes, just not thinking about how much DOF they actually want.

To be honest, I think the problem is more a matter of not applying Equivalence. That is, they shot landscapes at f/8, f/11, or f/16 on FF, so they do the same with mFT, not thinking that they should instead be shooting f/4, f/5.6, or f/8 on mFT.

Indeed, I even saw one person post a bunch of street photos a while back at f/16 ISO 400 when f/8 ISO 100 would have easily been enough.

f/2.8 full frame.

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Here we are -- FF at f/1.2:

Sharp corner to corner. 

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