why give up OVF with MirrorLess camera like Nex

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Canon made me do it.

clearzoom wrote:

My gears

Nex F3 with these 4 lens - sel1855, sel16mm28, sel50mm18, sel55210

CanonT3i - with 55-250mm, tamron 17-55mm F28

I do use and Love my Nex F3, but ONLY thing I miss in Nex is the OVF.

I even tried Nex6 with EVF, but wasnt happy with EVF, as it is electronic and cant be Optical view finder

so I use T3i when I miss OVF

The Canon I use to own is the sole reason why I will never buy another camera with an optical viewfinder.  I had a T2i and the metering system sucked!.  In any metering mode it was still to reliant on the AF point.  Changing to Center weighted only offered a minor improvement.  My Nikon D40 was almost perfect.  For my tastes, I just set the EV at -0.3 and left it alone.  Oh the oher thing than ticked me off was that the meter locked when you half pressed the shutter release button.  My lowly D40 did not, I could focus, recompose and the meter would reevaulate.  Needless to say it would sometimes take me 2 or 3 shots, (ore more) to sometimes get the shot right.

When I got my NEX7, the EVF changed my whole world.  First the metering system was as good as my D40 or any Nikon I've used (which is many) and if I ever felt like I wanted to adjust Exposure Compensation, I could do it while looking through the viewfinder, see the change, take the photo and it was always what I wanted when I looked at them later on my computer.

Since purchasing my NEX 7 (and now my A65), I like that I get to see a live histogram, see WB, color parameter changes, etc, etc, etc.  For me, and what I do, I like the EVFs better.

I want to make sure am I the only one or others feel way using Mirror less?

Lot of folks seem to love Nex6, 7, A7, A7R and dont miss the OVF?

I will never use one again.  Ever.  Thanks Canon.


[In fairness to Canon, the 7D I tried does have a much better Meter inside it.  But I'll still stick with my EVFs.]

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