Decisions, Decisions: 10-24mm zoom or 14mm prime

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I agree that a 10-24 zoom is not for everyone and likely won't be the most used lens in your inventory.  But - a couple of things to consider:

First - the money.  assuming you can afford, within reason, to buy what you want without causing financial issues elsewhere in your life, the savings of a few hundred dollars is not significant over the years you will use the thing and simply should not drive the decision.  If you don't have what you really want/need, it is likely the "savings" will eventually turn into additional expense when you eventually get what you want/need.  So, I suggest taking that element out of your thinking process.

As to the lens itself, I have a 10-24mm Canon zoom that I use on a crop sensor body.  It's not an all around lens - I use the 18-55 for that.  BUT, I was surprised to find that it is my second most used lens.  Yes, you must be thinking in that mode, but there are some pretty cool things one can do with a super-wide and the zoom allows you to easily adjust the focal length and cropping to get just what you want.  At times I will put the 10-24 on my camera when taking a long hike with the dogs in the mountains or whatever, just to force myself to think in those super-wide terms.

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