ISO vs. Image Quality

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Re: ISO vs. Image Quality

I shoot low light, but I hate anything over iso1250... but that's in bad sitatuions. When there is light but not enough for lower ISOs then I will go all the way to 3200 on my d600. ANything beyond that is too soft and noisy for me. If you make smaller image sizes you can reduce the horrors...

I would say it depends on how you're shooting. I expose with shutter and aperature before I touch my iso. 100-400 is what I would like to be on.

Test your camera... you never know how bad the detail looks at higher iso. Stuff gets REALLY soft after a certain ISO. Just depends on what your camera is capable of. lowest iso possible at all times if you ask me... I wouldn't want anyone to go over 1600 on APSC.

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