Canon leads easily in the PJ/documentary market

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Re: Canon leads easily in the PJ/documentary market

It would be nice to see the breakdown of all 103,481 pictures submitted by 5,666 photographers from the 124 countries.

The current breakdown is biased but its biased on the winning entries from each do you blame the camera or do you blame the photographer.

Photographers using Nikon are bad or

Nikon cameras make bad images or

The contest is sponsored by Canon so they must win the most awards?

merops wrote:

rhlpetrus wrote:

D4 seems to need an injection of market energy. Interestingly D700 still the most used Nikon by that group. Nikon seem have made a few mistakes inthe last few years and lost the initial D3/D700 momentum.

Do you realise that this figure is based on 55 photos, only 42 of which identified the camera? These 42 photos are also likely to be a biased sample of the entries.

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