Nikon D800E or Canon 5d Mark 3 ?!

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Re: Nikon D800E or Canon 5d Mark 3 ?!

I have a 5D Mark III because I had Canon lenses and they wouldn't work as nicely on a Nikon body as on a Canon body.  That sums it up.  I personally prefer the D800E in most of the ways that are important to me, and wish that Canon had a high-resolution, high-dynamic range sensor.  In the meantime I just look very carefully at histograms and stitch for my landscape shots.
You can use either camera to make excellent photographs.  Just find out what the strengths of each are and choose one that will allow you to make the best photographs for your style of photography with the fewest headaches.  The 5D Mark III is a good camera for photojournalism and weddings, the D800E is better for studio work and landscapes where high resolution and good raw files for processing are important.  Ergonomics are completely subjective.  Nikon flash is better.  Canon out-of-camera rendering is a bit contrasty and punchy while Nikon is a bit more neutral. 
Lenses are a big deal.  Both companies have lens lineups shoulders above the other manufacturers.  Some of the best lenses are made by Nikon, some by Canon, some by Zeiss.  Zeiss makes versions for both.  Nikon has a great ultra wide angle zoom (14-24) and 50mm primes and Canon has some nice tilt shift lenses (17 TS-E and 24 TS-E).

Canon is a bit more popular among a lot of wedding pros thanks to the huge success of the 5D mark II - and many haven't upgraded to the mark III.  The D800 is fine for weddings.  One of the best wedding photographers I know uses one, having switched from a 5D2.

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