Nikon D800E or Canon 5d Mark 3 ?!

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Re: Tennis players?

maxotics wrote:

Fiasco with dust on D600 and left focus problem on D800 gave Nikon bad reputation even though IMHO these two problems are not as big as people made them.

But all these don't make 5D3 better than D800 just more popular.

Long time ago Beta VCRs were much better than VHS yet VHS won because it could record longer on the tape at lower quality.

Thanks! Very interesting. Sounds right to me. I don't know that part of the history. But I do know about BetaMAX! An eye-opener to me at the time. I have Sigma cameras, so I know even "deeper" truths that not even Nikon or Canon owners can see

My replies were never about comparing cameras I don't own. I believe it is good for a company to stick to its principles. But principles don't pay your workers or your R&D. As far as I know, anyone who sent in a D600 (like me) got one back with a new shuttter assembly.

But Nikon still not admitting the fault. And there might be a class action lawsuit brewing.

So Nikon has been good to me. However, I still have the perception their pride is more important than the condition of my Nikon camera. They didn't have to admit wrong-doing, or even the problem. But they should have made it clear they have a commitment to good quality and will fix any camera with problems. They stonewalled a bit and I think that will teach them "pride comes before the fall."

Again, I want to point out I bought a D600 that I knew might have an oil problem so I am not maligning the reality of Nikon, only expressing my perceptions.

I own Nikon, Canon, Panasonic, Sigma and Blackmagic currently. I have no allegiance to any camera manufacturers. All cameras have their strengths and weaknesses.

You tell me (I don't own the camera) is the D800 superior enough to stop Canon from continuing its growth?

D800 is superior to 5D3 but not enough to stop Canon. Besides being with Canon DSLR for over 10 years and Canon film cameras for over 10 years and reading many forums leads me to believe that there are more hard core Canon fanatics than Nikon and they will put up with any crap Canon gives them. So Canon is safe but they lost a lot of users after D800 came out. If Nikon could adapt the same policies as Canon they might gain even more users.

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