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Conspiracy is the wrong word. I think people are rightfully upset, not because of brand bias but DPR seemingly being less interested in serious cameras. They're putting more and more effort into covering every entry level, point and shoot, camera phone, go pro release, and getting slower and slower with the high end of the market. Are there really people who come here on a regular basis and get exited about the latest entry level camera?

Yes - or to be more accurate, a lot of folks looking for 'reviews' of such cameras wind up here via a web search - if such review exists.

There are many, many people buying the entry-level Canons and Nikons, and so there are many potential draws to the site as a result of these people searching for reviews. Dpreview has to be mindful of that, and providing those reviews right away just makes good business sense for an entity that derives income from clicks and visits.

No mystery, certainly no conspiracy.

Absolutely not - just the good old capitalist system at work. What was probably THE best camera/photography site IN THE WHOLE WORLD is gobbled up by the big corporation and changed - away from the (relatively) informative, cutting-edge review site (of cameras) it was, towards a sophisticated marketing tool.

You're right - in fact, it cranks me up so much I'm going to ask for my subscription $ back!

Oh, wait...

Oh, no point in getting cranked up - just be aware of the truth inherent in what I have written. It's a ubiquitous story now, particularly as the world is "Americanised" through film, television, IT (software programmes). Almost everything is bastardised in the name of profit and greed. And if THAT can't be accomplished through fair means, it will be done by foul.  Just be aware of it.

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