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on-board flash, to me it's just as useless as any camera with built in flash, I taped mine so it doesn't pop up, (pop up flash has been a pain for me on all cameras I had before),

Nikon onboard flash has CLS attached to it. If you have multiple SB speedlights, its fun to try creative shots without additional hardware sitting on top. You can trigger as many as you want with different channels and combinations, expsure separately or together.

single flash remotely ignited from left side using onboard flash

you do lose a lot of speed though, D800 is a slow camera compare to your 7D.

D800E is not slow. It acquires quickly and confidently even on small subjects. The AF sticks like a magnet for tracking. It can even focus in dark/low light situations. Yes, it does have less fps/sec, but if you add extra battery grip and shoot in dx, you can almost get away with 15mp resolution @6fps.

I used my D800E for landscape shooting exclusively, for sport, I rather go back to my 10 year old 1D2 for its focusing system and over speed and responsiveness, and for event or portrait,

same image cropped @100


I prefer my 1DS2 and 1DS3. That's not to say you can't shoot landscape with a 7D or shoot sports with a D800E, it's just not the strong point of that particular camera and there is better tools for that particular job.

Cannot compares apples with oranges. But D800 is no slouch and it can be used for more than just landscape. It can be used for sports, portraits, or whavever else you can try with any camera. The limitation will usually be the photographer - except maybe when extremely high (>10) fps/buffer is required for sports

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