Panasonic x920 - Lumix Club/UStream connection problem

Started Jun 16, 2013 | Discussions thread
jkoch2 Senior Member • Posts: 1,198
Old thread, but relevant question.

Tonant: perhaps you searched "Lumix Club" and came up with this thread, but it is many months old.  You may not get a reply from the original posters.  Very likely, your best recourse would be to check with the Lumix Club site support itself.

Meanwhile, I don't think Wifi sounds like a very reliable way to upload video, unless you are very close to the router, in which case you might as well upload via cable itself.

tonant wrote:

I read your reply to a thred on DPReview and have successfully obtained a Lumix Club account. I've gone into my account and connected my UStream account however when I try and do a UStream Live Cast I successfully connect to my wifi network but after it connects I get a"Connection to LUMIX CLUB Failed" message.

I feel like i'm really close now. Does it have something to do with Cloud Folder or Device Link settings in the Lumix Club page? I have no idea what these are.

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