Any actual hands-on experience with the NEX-7 built-in MIC shooting video?

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Turkey Gobbling

roundball wrote:

Getting ready to attempt a wildlife video during the upcoming Turkey season in April.

April?  Isn't that the laying and chick season?  Rooster gobbles are easy stuff or resemble people we hear all the time.

The chirping hens and peeping chicks are a tougher assignment.

What I don't know yet is the range and sensitivity of the built-in NEX-7 mic to be able to pick up any turkey drumming / clucks / gobbles at that distance.

On board mics are generally useless for distant sounds.  They might be tolerable for moderately lowd voices or noises within 10 feet, or else a strong ambient sound (traffic, roaring stream, cheering crowd), or maybe even a tree full of noisy birds, but not for anything that is distant or semi-mutted.    Your own breaathing or handling sounds will dominate.  Or a slight puff of breeze will sound like a tornado gust.

I hear talk about plugging in an external mic...any first hand experience / recommendations on built-in vs. external mics on the NEX-7 would be appreciated.

For wildlife, the best option is to be very close to your fauna.  If that fails, a shotgun mic inside a wind-shielded, and rubber band suspended, "blimp" is the standard.  Avid birders may even use a parabolic "ear" to amplify the sounds.  Some sell for $thousands.  Cheap substitutes can be made out of plastic umbrellas, but they are hard to carry around, draw attention, and can blow away or get knocked  down.  I made one with a plastic salad bowl that works fine.  The mic can be "tuned' to the parabolic focus point by twisting a bolt affixed to a hole and giant washer placed in the center of the bowl.

A $24 toy called "Bionic Ear" works nearly as well as the pro stuff.

Right now, this is what I'm planning to use.

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