Nikon D800E or Canon 5d Mark 3 ?!

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Re: Nikon D800E or Canon 5d Mark 3 ?!

BackInTheGame wrote:

Altin wrote:

I'm ready to buy an FX camera ... i am for D800E. All my friends photographer say to get Canon 5D Mark 3.

What happen !! Why 8 photographers in 10 have a Canon 5D Mark 3 !!?

Any one have some think to say about this ?

Thank you,

If you want the best image, nothing can match a D800E. This is pretty much a universal fact based opinion among testers and experts as far as I can tell. If you can't handle the files you need a new computer more than you need a camera. If you need more than 4 frames per second, you are playing with it.

DXOmark has a method for testing that most people accept as valid. It is worth noting that every third party lens rates higher on a D800E than on any Canon. Also, the old Nikon 24-70 rates considerably higher on a D800E than does the brand spanking new Canon 24-70 on a 5DIII. And every expert believes that the Canon 24-70 is superior to the Nikon 24-70. So basically, Canon's cameras are degrading their lenses.

This stuff isn't hard to figure out unless you are wearing blinders and listening to people on forums (perhaps even me). Do some research.

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Woooow. Canon cameras are degrading their lenses. Good thing you warned the OP not to listen to people on forum because your statement makes absolutely no sense.

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