Minimum shutterspeed Fuji 23mm lens

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Re: Minimum shutterspeed Fuji 23mm lens

57LowRider wrote:

Very interesting, I nearly started a thread on this.

I think minimum shutter speed is one of the disadvantages of smaller formats; before Fuji enabled min speed in Auto ISO, it used to default to 1/F where the F is full-frame equivalent - so with the 35mm, it would go to 1/52.

Now, I don't have fun with that 1/F. In my experience, it works a lot better with 1/(full frame F + APS-C F), which would make the 35 require 1/(35 + 50) = 1/85; in practice, 1/100 (and I notice that Bert Stephani uses this too).

For the 23, 1/(23 + 35) = 1/58, so I use 1/60 as a minimum and that's fine - as your JPG shows. The real mystery you have is why the default output from RAW is not sharp - what are you using to post-process?

This is a part of the dpreview X-E2 review (about auto ISO):

The X-E2 allows you to customise your Auto ISO parameters with minimum and maximum ISO limits and, crucially, a minimum shutter speed - something that X-Pro1 and X-E1 owners have been asking for since launch. Auto ISO is selectable from the main ISO menu (which by default is accessed from the top-plate Fn1 button), and when it's highlighted a press of the right key enters the customization menu. The pre-production X-E2 we used for this preview (running non-final firmware) offered the following options:

One point worth noting here is that the X-E2 doesn't just allow you to select a minimum shutter speed - it forces you to select a single minimum speed, and unlike Nikon's recent SLRs, there's no 'Auto' option that takes the lens's focal length into account. This means that if you're shooting with a zoom like the excellent XF 55-200mm F3.5-4.8 R LM OIS, or continually switching between primes, you have a choose a shutter speed which is appropriate for the longest focal length you're using. This in turn can mean the camera chooses ISOs higher than strictly necessary at shorter focal lengths.

We're not going to complain too much though; we found Auto ISO previously always selected too-slow shutter speeds that risked image blur from camera shake, so this is definitely an improvement. But it could be better...

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