Conspiracy theorists unite

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Re: are you saying?

John_A_G wrote:

John_A_G wrote:

awaldram wrote:

Indeed I can only remember 1 person besides you promoting a conspiracy theory, and He said it once.

You on the other hand seem to be driving it with vigour and fervour ....Why?

so, no one here in Pentax land is suggesting DPR has a bias against Pentax? That they intentionally mislink things only to harm Pentax? Given the DPR staff is more than one person a bias has to be institutional - that's a conspiracy.

Ah, here we have Awaldram himself making the bias claim. And, as we see by definition, since there is more than one person involved at DPR any bias must be with a group, and since DPR isn't admiting it - it must be a conspiracy:

By which definition?

On another post you admitted by mistake that you need a secret plan before starting considering the idea of a conspiracy; now you're saying it's enough to have two biased persons?

There is no talk about such secret plans in my posts, and I doubt you'll find something in Andrew's.

So, we already see where both you and Alex are beating the institutional "bias" (aka conspiracy) drum. So, yes, that's more than 1 person.

Logic FAIL - but I guess it's necessary for your strawman.


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