Does PhotoNinja suck or is it me?

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Re: The emperor has no clothes!'s you.

LOL you're quite the comedian aren't you. Anyway it's interesting you'd mention this process. When I got a Canon 6D I was all hyped thinking now I have the king of quiet DSLR's and can do photography in absurdly dark situations with NO noise. Well I got a real wake up call when I was taking shots, then when reviewing on the screen noted it would literally write the file before my eyes when reviewing, and while doing so I noted tons of speckles and noise as I swept the image from one side to another as it reprocessed. I thought to myself what is really going on here. So when I shot in RAW and tried processing noted that ironically not only was there tons of noise I needed to get rid of, but my measly mft EM1 from RAW was easier to process a noise free image WITHOUT utterly destroying the detail in the image. The Canon went back needless to say. However I have to say in comparison to very familiar shooting tests I've replicated around the house with several different cameras, in Jpeg at least, the T1 so far renders a superior image to all I've tested. Now I just have to figure out the magic of RAW processing this bad boy. Thanks for the tip. when I get home I'll be sure and look at those controls again. Thought I checked the box but was surprised there weren't even MORE control sliders to work with.

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